Our Roots

We started our brand because we believe the basics of
looking good, feeling good, and having your mind tickled are all good and valuable. This is why we aim to create products that resonate with our mission. We don’t believe in being crass or overly sarcastic; there’s already too much of that in the world. We aim to be different. Our aim goes beyond our products; we aim to enrich lives and provide value to our clients.

You Will Never Be Just a “Customer”

We don’t refer to people who buy from us as “customers.” You are not our
customer. You are our client. A customer is a person who purchases a commodity or service. A client is a person who is under the protection of another. We believe in the preeminence of people who trust us for delivering great products. We serve your needs; we don’t sell you things. We consider ourselves your advisor, friend. This has immense implications – we don’t sell products we wouldn’t ourselves be happy wearing or using and we want what’s best for you.

We believe a story should define the brand, not the other way around. We have a story to tell and we aim to tell it through our products. Logos don’t define much of anything meaningful.

We’ll Make This Easy – Let Us Prove Ourselves to You.

Many of our items have FREE Shipping! And we’ll offer you 10% OFF your first order, that is unless you find many of our items at a higher discount! And in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, we have a generous return policy to back you up!

Why Would We Be Trusted?

We realize that when people do business with someone for the first time, they are risking something of value – their time and their money. Since there is no established business relationship to make people feel safe, transactions can be risky. Because we realize this, we go to great lengths to earn your trust. Here’s how.

What Does “Devorati” Mean?

Since we consider ourselves the antithesis of the superficial norms of today, we wanted to capture this difference through irony. Devorati is the combination of “Devo” and “rati.”
Devo is short for ‘devastation.’ Rati has many different meanings depending on the language but in Latin it means ‘thought.’ So Devorati means the ‘devastation of thinking’ and it is an ironic twist breaking the conventions of superficiality and mindlessness.

Now that you know us a bit better, check out our store.

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